Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rep. Anh 'Joseph' Cao repeats anemic call for Category 5 protection in "closed meeting" with Corps Lords
~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla Rotellas da'Cotellas~Further proof that Cao is in the same pocket as the late Times-Picayune?
Sacred Cao is sucking air, blowing smoke like a Bad Pump.
He is Wimpishly Asking For Nothing. He is Saying Nothing,
Doing Nothing, Treading Water in Never'Nothingland.
Notice how has sanitized all Corps news now.
What the hell is a "closed door" meeting between our elected reps and our Tax-funded Lying Corps of Engineers??? WTF?
Soooo, who convened this "Secret" meeting between our legislators and the Corps? Why exclude We The People who pay those People's salaries? What am I missing here?

Et tu Jarvis DeBerry?
~Dixclaimer! Warning! Bat Signal!~
~Editilla's teeth Scream~More Ice Cream from the entertainer formerly known as a reporter.
Many people who used to be fans of the late Times-Picayune, myself included, still took this writer seriously as a journalist despite's commercial relationship with the Corps of Engineers Public Relations Firm OPP.
Now, the entire site bounces along like some Facebook glory hole.
Really, Jarvis, this sucks that badly.
If I wanted fatuous news-porn I'd go gimp a suspect devise.
I just can't believe I am speaking of Jarvis DeBerry in this manner --and for these reasons. I had such unbelievable respect for him and never thought he could stoop to such hash-rag.
DeBerry used to be Pulitzer Material. I am angry that he is gone.
Who's next, Gill? Schleifstein?
I used to love this paper so much. Now I couldn't even stock it in my outhouse due to the abject redundancy of wiping with it too.
It must be really hard down there on Howard now since they took away any semblance of actual news at and turned it into Newspeak. We have truly lost the Times-Picayune.
It is now Tabloid Shit. Freak Show. Carney.
They DON'T DO NEWS now, they DO CIRCUS.
I am NOT trying to just be rude here, picking on Jarvis.
We used to really really really enjoy Jarvis DeBerry, soooo...
I am mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!
This is about Losing News. The Times-Picayune is GONE.
In the meantime, let's allow the Corps to operate with impunity.
The only thing I hate more than what the Feckless Bastards on Leake Street did to our City is any "News" Outlet that gives those criminals a free pass on getting away with it.

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