Friday, October 2, 2009


Wonkette Picks a Winnah!
~Now Ain't She One Fine Piece of Rich Fertile Handmaiden's Tail!
~Set in the Republic of Gilead, a country formed within the borders of what was formerly the United States of America by a racist, chauvinist, nativist, theocratic-organized military coup motivated by an ideologically-driven response to the pervasive ecological degradation of the land, widespread infertility, and attendant social dislocations. Beginning with a staged terrorist attack killing the President and ousting Congress, the coup leaders launched a revolution which overthrew the United States government and abolished the US Constitution. The new theocratic military dictatorship, styled "The Republic of Gilead", moved quickly to consolidate its power and reorganize society along a new militarized, hierarchical, compulsorily-Christian regime of Old Testament-inspired social and religious orthodoxy among its newly-created social classes.

Meanwhile in other news... the Fat Lady's Still Singing!
Typhoon Parma: a new disaster for Asia~Jeff Masters

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