Saturday, October 3, 2009

Local corps projects to receive millions~Robert Zullo
HOUMA — More than $8.6 million federal dollars for Army Corps of Engineers projects in Terrebonne and Lafourche are included in a bill awaiting the Senate’s endorsement and the president’s signature.

Congress votes: water, energy funding~Mankato Free Press
~Steve Scalise, R-La., faulted the bill's New Orleans flood-protection policy. "If we have learned anything from...Katrina, it's that the federal levees that failed us before cannot be rebuilt the same way they were," he said.
~Editilla Licks da'Mold~ And We Shall Trippeth With'eth! We wanteth to tasteth of'th the Body of'th The Exquisite Corps and drinketh of'th the ASCECORPS Cool Aid that Scalise musteth have drunketh...ya'thunketh?
If we learned anything from Katrina, it is the difference between a Weather Event and Multiple Catastrophic Engineering Failures. Weather Events Happen Naturally.
Engineering Failure is Caused by Man Made ASCE'Fuck'Ups!
What I learned from Katrina in New Orleans is to trust in the wisdom of the ages to show me how to dance. What I learned from the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans during Katrina, and especially in their aftermath cover-ups, is more akin to facing down and eliminating the rapists of my little sister. I am tired of seeing the word "Katrina" next to the words "levee failures", because that is a Lie. I was there and saw it with my own lyin'eyes. It Was Not Katrina. Simple. It's The Levees Stupid.
Sucking up to the NO'CO will get you NO'WHERE, Scalise...
--so faggetaboutit you absolutely forking clueless elected official!
Until the likes of Scalise and Jindal and Obama get this stake driven into their hearts, we will never see the end of the Corps' Misdirection and possible Repeat Failures.

Special Thanks

Garland Robinette Think Tank
~Lead researcher for H.J. Bosworth, and Rep Scalise,
were on Herollero Garland Robinette's Think Tank yesterday.
~If Editilla were fancy live-bloggin this broadcast...
I'd say Bosworth just said Congress gave New Orleans The Finger?
~Scalise speaks of blatant contradictions, yet says the Corps is the Only Game In Town, hopes for Face Time with President when he wanders into the New Orleans Gulf Coast Hurricane Ward Place allegedly sometime later this month.
~Bosworth now says we are in Danger from inoperable Hydraulic Pumps on our outfall canals.
~Scalise lays out clearly our increased Risks from the Lyin'Corps' Option 1 over the saner Option 2 Plans. Admits to having drunk Corps Cool Aid in the past and hallucinating a visit with The Magnificent 7 Luminous Spheres but now has re-awakened to the idea that Temporary Pumps is a worthless con'con proposition of previously owned horse manure?
We'll see...republicans can just get so weird sometimes.
~Bosworth comes back Solid with the Truth about what the Corps Actually Specified regarding these MWI Bad Pumps. (Editilla sees Facts as funny things, laughing alligator tears.)
~Scalise can be heard playing with his Bolo Paddle.
Naaahhh, just kidding... well, we're just really hoping that is what we're hearing. BlancoBlancoBlancoBlancoBlancoBlanco
~Bosworth stresses that a Lie is a Lie and the Government did Not get what we Ordered from the Corps!
(Editilla para-sails a bit here:) Suffice to say...
~Bosworth, himself a Stakeholder, drives a Sterling Silver Freight-Train-sized Rail through the Heart of the Exquisite Corps' Vampire Bullshit.
~Scalise reminds Editilla that Democratic Bourgeois Naivete in Politicians is a Dictator's Best Friend.
~Bosworth puts a fork in it by pointing out the inherent difference between how the Europeans trust real engineering at their 3rd busiest airport 20 feet below sea level as Americans carelessly bend over to assume the position to Lie with the fetid Body of our own Un-Dead Grisly Rotted Exquisite Corps.
~Editilla O'Pines to all Stakeholders! To the Castle!
We Shall Plant Our Stakes In The Heart of the Bloody Red Castle!
Yaaaaahahahahahahaaaaa...whew! Ahem, yes, well...
~Beaux'Garland Rocks Editillero World!

Corps to discuss increasing flow of river diversions
~The Army Corps of Engineers and state officials will hold two meetings to discuss increasing the use of south Louisiana's two biggest river diversions — Davis Pond and Caernarvon.

Seven miles of pipe will pump sand in Pascagoula
~Harlan Kirgan

Landslides buried at least 3 Indonesian villages
~The U.N. estimates as many as 4,000 people may be buried under the rubble. But more than three days after the disaster hit, the chances of pulling most of them out alive are slim.

Tri-State Water Dispute: Georgia's Hand Further Weakened~Emily Green

Obama to New Orleans: Hold On, I'm Coming~Harry Shearer

Teachers' union claims company cheated Filipino teachers
~Paul Murphy, WWL

Arbitration panel will decide Charity Hospital reimbursement
~Jan Moller

Furious Five reporting for Gangsta Duty!~Red Cotton

Black Menace - Ghetoasnigga 1992 New Orleans
~The Music Dynasty

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