Saturday, January 9, 2010


Charity Hospital compensation hearing to pit state, FEMA in private arbitration
~Jonathan Tilove

~Editilla Axs~What is Private Public Arbitration?
And, please see!

Who is Troy Henry? Really.... who is he?~American Zombie

Another Unique Election

Storm-related problems haunt dedicated cops~Our father, along with the other heroic NOPD cops, was abandoned by the same government that is now pointing fingers at them. They stayed and were loyal to their city and citizens. In fact, our dad still lives in his New Orleans house. May God bless the NOPD cops who are still dealing with storm-related issues.

Not to belabor a Point~slabbed

Will another flood wipe out New Orleans?~Helium
~Editilla gozintas~ We're still trying to figure this one out, so we hung it on the Ladder in hopes that someone else might understand what is going on here amongst these savvy people?

Lessons from Katrina: Response Recovery and the Public Health Infrastructure
~Elisabeth A. Weeks

Drew Brees: American Needle

~Mardi Gras Parade

Local wetlands ‘in a rapid state of collapse’~Nikki Buskey

Cold weather pinches crawfish

New scientific fishing lure is breakthrough, researcher says
~Jeremy Alford

After the freeze, help your garden recover~Dan Gill

Trees offered in Gulfport giveaway: 14 varieties available Jan. 16~Donna Melton

Google Energy - Surprised?
~Jon Arnold

Cleanup of TVA ash spill is big payday for some

Invitation to Disaster
~Bob Herbert

Habituated to the Vast
~Citizen K

Savannah Book Festival: Escape From a Cold Virtual World
~Georgianne Nienaber

Green Goddess~Ian McNulty
~Editilla Sssnowtellas~ Since we got onto Gambit a little late this week we be'hangin on wit'it. I like to try and swing them out as they crawl on out of the weekend to publish.
This goes way back for me, remembering waiting on the week's Gambit, before the advent of this online fishionado thingy'world. It used to last nearly the whole week too! You'd wait and wait, order another Dixie, maybe some oysters too, finally give up and go to the bathroom... and there'd you'd find it, sitting on the back of the turlet. Jus'sayin... Gambit is still everywhere you gatta go.

'Green Lantern' likely to be joined in New Orleans by D.C. Comics' 'Red'~Mike Scott


Under The Toussaint Covers
~Home of the Groove

NPR's Felix Contreras does a very nice piece on Willie Mitchel

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