Friday, January 8, 2010

Further Evidence that Mitch Landrieu is Satan and Hell has Frozen Over
~Editilla excapes da'Punitarium.
Until now, the only Democrat allowed to cozy up with GOP superstar strategist, and Haint of Satan Mary Matalin was her husband, political consultant Jim Carville,
and Satan. But it looks like another candidate for HellBoy has won a bite of Jezebelzebub's heart. According to an invitation circulating this week, Madame Shewolf (above) is slated to co-ho'st an upcoming $1,000-a-person fundraiser in Washington, DC for Lt. Gov Mitch Landrieu.
Thank'ya Cheezus and the Republican Party for buying off another Democrat Mayor of New Orleans AGAIN...
--Yea'N'Verily, Praise-GOP! Saveth Us from Ourselves! Asseth...
--the Succubus cometh! Watch yer'Bucks! Yaaass!

"Since the Federal Flood, the Army Corps of Engineers has kept us safe"
~Da'Mystickle Oyacle

Ozone changes loom for NOLA region~Mark Schleifstein

Suburbs making New Orleans look bad~Jarvis DeBerry

New Orleans: A City That Still Needs You~Kevin Daniels

State Farm demands 19 percent rate car'jack in premiums for Louisiana, 30 % eye'gouge in New Orleans and Houma- Thibodaux, 35% bet on Lafayette
~Editilla Scrotellas~This
is your testicle/ovum.
This is your Testicle- Ovum on State Farm.
Any Questions?

Brrrr – MID throws Allstate’s requested rate increase out in the cold ~slabbed

Strawberry farmers cover fields
~Debra Lemoine
~The strawberry plants can survive the cold weather, said Regina Bracy, professor and research coordinator at the LSU Agriculture Center’s Hammond Research Station. The issue is the survival of the blooms on the plants, which turn into the ruby berries approximately 21 days after the white and yellow flowers appear on the plants, Bracy said. When covered and protected from frost, the blooms can handle freezing temperature as low as 25 degrees.

Plaquemines Parish citrus growers prepare for costly cold snap~C.J. Lin

Peaches, apples may benefit from Deep South freeze
~Janet McConnaughey

FERC Rejects Army Corps’ Challenges on Complying with Reliability Standards
~Troutman Sanders LLP

USACE Surveying and Mapping Community of Practice

County wrestles with federal officials over Orick flood maps
~John Driscoll
~Humboldt County is pushing federal emergency officials to take another look at draft flood maps that project the little town of Orick will be under water during big floods, which threatens to force property owners to buy insurance. The Federal Emergency Management Agency in August aired the new maps to Orick, dramatically changing earlier predictions that a 100-year flood -- or one that occurs statistically once every 100 years -- on Redwood Creek would be contained by its 1960s-era levees. Landowners are now scrambling to buy flood insurance before the maps become final, for the lower rates.

Panama awards $268 million canal digging contract

Get in nutria gear
~Mary Tutwiler

Susan Cowsill covers the Byrds and more music from Keith Spera's Trick Bag

The Dead Kenny G’s Tonight at D.B.A.~Jay Massa

New Orleans Bingo! Show Announces New Lineup, Australian Tour Dates

Granny Rock~Alex Woodward

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