Thursday, January 7, 2010


Newsweek calls Babar the Anti-Obama ~WLOX
~Could a wealthy, white, well- connected southerner really grow up to be president?
That's the question Newsweek magazine is asking about
MS Governor Haley Babar.
In a four page article, Newsweek calls Governor Babar "The Anti-Obama" and offers a less than flattering account of Babar's weight,
his office adorned with Confederate artifacts,
and his habit of riding in an SUV to cross the street from his office to the state capitol.
Babar's name has been on the GOP's presidential radar for some time, even leading up to the 2008 race. But the former party chair and Washington lobbyist always seems to brush off any presidential push. And if you don't believe us, then read this deep-background report from Wikipedia:
After Babar witnessed the slaughter of his beloved mother by a hunter, he fled from the backwoods of Mississippi to find his way to Washington, DC, where he was befriended by an old lady, who bought him clothes and enrolled him in school.
Babar's cousins Celeste and Arthur found him in the big city and then helped him return to the Elephant realm following the death of the King of the Elephants, who had eaten a poisonous mushroom. A council of elephants approached Babar, saying that as he has been educated in the Beltway, he would be suitable to become the new King. Babar is crowned King of the Elephants, marries his cousin Celeste, and founds the city of Celesteville in a suburban Iowa strip mall. With a Babar Presidential Bib...
which fawned southern GOPper Vishnu'Excorcist can we expect to play the role of Babar's monkey friend Zephir on the VP Reality Show?

'Tis the season for GOP elves in their talking-point workshops
~Your Right Hand Thief

Henry attempts to cheat Perry out of a card in game of Racial 3 Card Monte: calls out media, saying some “want to diminish this election to race”
~Kevin Allman
~Editilla Jim Crowtellas~
...We likes a lil'mustert on our titles ahem'm.

What Does It Mean When The Leading Black Candidate Drops Out~Cliff's Crib

Vitter blocks BR U.S. district judge nominee~Gerard Shields

New Orleans' population estimate was low by 25,000, Census says

Some won’t accept rental help, Katrina home residents slow to take vouchers~Anita Lee

SmartSynch Conference 2010: “Enabling Communication for the Smart Grid”

Gulf observation system has a full year of data~Jeremy Alford

Resource Environmental Solutions Announces 514 Restored Wetland Acres in Cameron Parish

2009 rice bounty grows
~Jeff Moore

Peacefully Adrift as the Mississippi River Just Rolls Along~Paul Schleider

Apocalypse Man? Apocalypse
~Maneuvering in an abandoned-looking city and toting a backpack, Reyes showed us how to gain access into hospitals (where independent generators can be jump-started in areas in which electricity has been knocked out, the host asserted) and libraries (Reyes said that after Hurricane Katrina, libraries were some of the few places that weren’t broken into,(???) and yet which contained valuable information such as city maps.)

Cold adds historic touch to Battle of New Orleans commemoration
~Bab Warren

The Front Man opens in NOLA
~Life After Rhodes

~The Front Man, a dark comedy so true it can only be told as fiction, captures the excitement, danger, and scandal of early Rock & Roll with eighteen original songs by New Orleans composer Todd Souvignier, and an energetic, talented cast.

Citizen K finally does Zeitoun

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, the Audioplay- (1996) ~Constantinople
~Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an audio play, with backing music, based on Hunter S. Thompson's classic book. It was recorded to celebrate the book's 25th anniversary.

Trumpeter Roy Hargove starts first of two residencies at Yoshi's-San Francisco
~Andrew Gilbert

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