Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"The Heralds of Carnival" ~Happy 12th Night!
Celebrate the start of the 2010 Carnival Season!
~The Phellows are an historic Mardi Gras organization that first took to the streets 1878 through 1898. They were known for their satirical parades and today's krewe members’ costumes often reflect topical themes. The group was revived in 1981.
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men."

Lassezes Le Bon Temp Roule'

The Mardi Gras season officially begins on January 6th or the "Twelfth Night," also known to Christians as the Epiphany. Epiphany comes from a Greek word that means "to show." Jesus first showed himself to the three wisemen and to the world on this day. As a symbol of this Holy Day, a tiny plastic baby is placed inside each King Cake.
Normally whoever gets the baby usually buys the next cake. In offices and schools and homes all over New Orleans the King Cake is a weekly tradition from January 6th until the beginning of Lent, Ash Wednesday. And, of course, whoever gets the baby in the cake on Mardi Gras day has to buy the first King Cake next year.
Editilla likes to have My Own King Cake, sooo we always find the little baby soooo we always get buy ourselves the next cake!
Ingredients:~2 Pounds of the Best Flour~12 Eggs
~A Cupful of Sugar~A Pound of the Best Butter
~1/2 Ounce of Yeast~1/2 Ounce of Salt
~Candies to Decorate~Preparation Here

Happy Birthday, Maid of Orleans ~NOLAFemmes
~Viva La Pucelle d'Orléans!

Sen. Ed Murray leaves the NO mayor's race with a whimper ~James Gill

The Black And White of New Orleans Mayor Election: Race Matter?~Christopher Tidmore

Is James Perry Playing the Racial 3 Card Monte?

Which candidates understand this central lesson of Katrina recovery?~NolaStat
~Editilla Crowtellas~ We Lika'dis Place, so we gonna'hang them NolaStat Who'dats on our list of Stitch'hikas!

Federal Election Commission regional conference set for NO, Feb. 9-10~Political Activity Law

Strawberry Farmers Prepare for Frigid Cold Blast~WGNO

Slabbed updates the Washington front: $enator Chri$ Dodd to expected to retire, NFIP Extended Again

LSU, colleges tackle cuts
~Jordan Blum

N.O. teachers call many other cities home, concerning some
~Chad Bower

Motor City's Dropout Factories
~RiShawn Biddle
~Granholm may be better off adopting the tactic of former Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco, whose one sterling success may have been enacting a series of moves that has made New Orleans the leading hotbed for school reform even amid its sluggish recovery from Hurricane Katrina's man-made and natural disasters.
~Editilla Cherry Os!~ Yesssaah! There it is Right There... a Blatant Attempt to Stop Katrina Shorthand from The Spectator thank you very much! Yes!
We know gonna give these Journalists one'o'der Gold Stars, but Editilla gonna paste'n peck'dem...
~~Double Cherry Os! OO Yeah!
'~Course "Bloody Corps' Negligent Homicide" would be nice but we'll settle for Man Made Disaster. Call'em as we see'em ya'know.

Minn.'s Pawlenty Makes His Way To New Orleans

New Study: Children Affected by Hurricane Katrina Suffer From Serious Emotional Disturbances

Emergency preparedness suit has nationwide implications for hospitals ~Dan Bowman

Levee statistics show their importance to U.S. economy
~Homeland Security Newswire

~New Orleans region and its levees is not alone
~When Gerry Galloway revealed in a briefing to Congress last year that 43% of the American population lives in counties protected by levees, we wanted to know exactly where those counties were. So I called Galloway on his cell phone and asked him for it. Galloway told me he didn’t have it, that it was “probably in a file cabinet somewhere at FEMA” and that should go ask FEMA for it. So we filled out a FOIA request, and six months later, we finally got our data. For the record, is not pleased that it took this much time and effort to get data that Galloway had very recently quoted in a congressional hearing.

Corps awards $17.3M West Bank pump station contract
~NO City Business

HydroGreen Energy
~Rebecca Mowbray

Durbin wants feds to release data on metro-east levees
~Mike Fitzgerald

$13.2 million overhaul planned for Bay Wave Model
~Mark Prado
~ The hydraulic model, the largest of its kind, was used as a scientific research tool from 1958 through 2000 to evaluate circulation and flow characteristics of the water within the estuary system associated with the shape of San Francisco Bay and related waterways. The research department of the model was closed in 2000, but the model continues to operate as an education feature.

New Orleans Net Impact
~Sloane Berrent

Aw Damn! Say it Ain't So!
No'mo Portable People Eaters?

TSA Confiscates Boy’s Play-Doh at New Orleans Airport
~“You know all you have to worry about is it getting in the carpet – a small problem to have as opposed to a child who is entertained for half an hour,” said the child’s mother Christy Pitney. “I had the kids and my husband was there with all our bags, she continued. “Josh and I were sitting, getting our shoes on and, my husband kind of motioned to us and said – they took our Play -Doh.
Pitney continued, “And the man from TSA was taking every can out at a time and putting it on a table, and Josh saw and he started fussing. I tried to explain that those were the rules, but it turns out it’s not prohibited on the TSA’s website – so apparently those are not the rules.” --Christy was right.
Play-Doh is not a prohibited item and it is allowed on board.
~Child Triple Agent working Terrorist Play-Doh factory

Christmas trees from River Parishes can help wetlands
~Paula Devlin

Solomons tsunami churned by earthquakes leaves 1,000 people homeless

Whaling protesters' Bat'boat struck in Antarctica
~The clash was the most serious in the past several years, during which the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has sent vessels into far-southern waters to try to harass the Japanese fleet into ceasing its annual whale hunt.
The society said its vessel Ady Gil --a trimaran speedboat that resembles a stealth bomber-- was hit by the Japanese ship the Shonan Maru near Commonwealth Bay and had about three metres of its bow knocked off.

Looking for Bridge plans....

Cold Day Hot Soup~Ian McNulty

Auto Tomii Instrumental Night
~Prytania Music & Spirits

Shamarr Allen tonight
at Café Negril

New Orleans Music for New Orleans Marching Bands ~YatPundit

2nd Annual Export NOLA: Experience New Orleans Music Presented by Backbeat Foundation

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