Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alex may head north to Texas or Louisiana ~Wunderblog

Satellite Images Show Oil Impact From Gulfport to Destin ~SkyTruth
~MODIS satellite images on June 25 and June 26 (above) show oil slicks and sheen affecting beaches from Gulfport, MS to Destin, FLA.

NEW PHOTOS: BP Contractors Doing More to Harm than Help Wildlife?~GRN

Complaints and Observations from Residents Living Near The Oil Tragedy~FireDogLake
~Editilla Thanks Youz, Mary and FDL!

Individuals Warned "Prepare For Worst Case Scenario" Evacuation on Oil Spill
~Carol Forsloff, GHN

Sunday Funnies~Citizen K

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Editilla said...

Sorry, Mac, I can't publish your comment.
Katrina did not flood New Orleans, it was the Corps of Engineers Bad Design and Building of our floodwalls. That is a Fact of which I will broach No Ambiguity.
Your friend I am sure has noble intentions for trying to rewrite that history to the tune of "Battle of New Orleans", but I will have no part in such Bourgeois Naivete.
Tell your friend they can spew that Partisan Political Anti-Bush Horse Shit on someone else. I hate the bastard too, but it wasn't Bush. It wasn't Katrina. It wasn't FEMA.
Tell your friend I said that, and I will not be standing next to them when Anvil of Ignorance falls from the sky and buries them all the way to Hell.

It is the Stupidity, Ignorance and Timidity of the Progressive Left that bothers me nearly as much as the Abject Hubris of the Disaster Capitalists.