Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Independence Day America!!! ~Georgianne Neinaber Note: I am removing all copyrights on my work. Spread these photos far and wide -GN.
~UPDATA~Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser calls it out!

{UPDATE~BP/Unified Command has attacked this journalist on her post's comments in a feat of unethical Astro-Turfing! They come on as a Petty Officer from the Coast Guard and have to slink away the paid PR employee ha!
Now Incident Command is saying their wrongly laid boom has been VANDALIZED? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!}

~British Petroleum Suspends First Amendment
~A $40,000 fine and a Class D Felony for taking pictures of oil-soaked wildlife?
~Hat Tip~American Pendulum ~ GodLikeProductions

~ProPublica See photos of TX City refinery & town that led to @propublica photographer being detained by #BP and local police:

~A speckled crab is almost completely encased in a thick layer of oil just offshore of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Baldwin County, Ala. Discarded items, such as this American flag, are similarly encrusted with the thick, goopy oil found hugging the seafloor in several locations along the Gulf of Mexico beach. Press-Register photo/Ben Raines
~More Alabama oil impact from the Mobile Press Register

~Here is what Kindra is talking about regarding the Well Collapsing.
~Editilla Mo'tellas~In this current catastrophic environment of Federal Press Censorship there is no Crying Wolf but only the Silence Of The Lambs.

No holiday for cleanup~Sandy Davis

Lets catch up with some judicial news. President Obama rejects Landrieu nominee for Federal Judge on the LAED ~slabbed

Effect of Hurricane Alex on Gulf of Mexico oil spill cleanup assessed ~Joquetta White

Oil continues sloshing into local waters ~John DeSantis

Burning and flaring of oil leaked into Gulf of Mexico draws growing criticism

Army Corps says Des Moines levee remains stable despite seepage

Spike Lee talks New Orleans, five years after Katrina ~Kimberly Grant
~“I found that, five years later, people still thought a hurricane caused all of that devastation,” Lee, 53, said about the general public’s view of the disaster in New Orleans, Louisiana. “But, it was the breach of the levees.” According to Lee, the 40 years that went into building and sustaining the levees that walled New Orleans were spent “cutting corners,” which is what led to the breach and subsequent flood of the city, especially the Lower Ninth Ward. ~Hat Tip~Sandy Rosenthal

57 Days to Year 5: A Photographic Journey ~NOLAFemmes


Horatio Algeranon said...

Hey, Editilla

Horatio was just listening to Jackson Browne on youtube and came across a cover of one of his songs (These days by New Orleans native James Dupre


PS Sorry for not posting anything depressing. ~@:>

Editilla said...

Oh Ho! You got it. We got plenty of Depressing. But you know you can drop us a line anytime even if your feeling Happy Snappy!
Ok then I see yer Jackson Brown and raise you one surprise thingy!

Sop811 said...

I've been holding the crab/flag pic for a couple of weeks since I saw it on Naked Capitalism. If I had to choose one picture that sums this whole mess up that would be it.


Editilla said...

Ahem... don't git'me started...
OK you got me started...
If we are in fact working with a Nationalist Socialist State apparatus then perchance we need to reconfigure the way we confront these bitches.
This cannot stand no way.
Notice on the Anderson Cooper vid how Thad The Impaler Allen (on the justification of Press Censorship) will not look at the camera? He looks down and away. I saw that on the TV show (so'z ya'knowz it twoof!:) "Don't Lie To Me"!!! Down and away denotes hidden guilt!
So hey Thaddy, DON'T LIE TO ME!!!!

Horatio Algeranon said...

Down and away denotes hidden guilt!

..and among most apex predators (eg, wolves, bears, lions, etc), it denotes submissiveness.

Those who don't submit have to do battle with the alpha male...and as a very wise man once said, "better stay away from him, he'll rip your lungs out Jim"

But apparently, officials are not the only ones expected to pay respects to the (BP) alpha male.

Journalists are also expected to "submit"

Photographer Detained Briefly by BP and Local Police" by Stephen Engelberg (ProPublica)

Horatio is always submissive in the presence of those with teeth larger than his own (which includes pretty much everybody).

Of course, as soon as they turn their backs (and their teeth), Horatio mocks them with his poems. Horatio is a cowardly little mouse. ~@:>