Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Satellite Derived Surface Oil Analysis (Experimental)
~The Experimental Marine Pollution Surveillance Report (EMPSR) is produced by trained satellite analysts in the Satellite Analysis Branch (SAB), within the NOAA/NESDIS Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution.

Winds and tides are pushing oil slicks west toward Terrebonne and Lafourche~John Desantis

Skimming operations halted as Alex churns through Gulf

Alex Slowly Gains Strength ~Wunderblog

'Play with music' highlights racial problems around great flood of 1927 in 'On The Levee'

Worries mount in Des Moines' over Corps of Engineers levees
~Julie Niffenegger could only laugh as she and her husband, Jerry, repacked household items from their house on East Holcomb Avenue that had been unpacked for less than three months, since the flood scare in March.
"I'm hoping the flood comes through and just takes the whole house so we can move somewhere else,"
she said. "I've talked to numerous neighbors and they've said, 'Heck with it.' They just are hoping the whole thing floods."
~Editilla gotta axe~2 YEARS after the Corps flooded Iowa, will American taxpayers wake up and see that the Corps of Engineers doesn't even have their own genitalia in hand let alone our Flood Protection?!? Yet, We The People continue to pay dearly for their hubris, not just in taxes but also lost livelihoods.
New Orleans is not alone as most of the country is vulnerable.
(And under the "Oh for God's Sakes!" category)
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to use the coal ash -- residue from coal combustion at power plants -- to fortify levees along a 200-mile stretch of the river between Alton and Gale in southern Illinois, the Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat reported. The newspaper noted coal ash, sometimes called fly ash, contains toxins including arsenic and mercury and has been linked in numerous studies to cancer.

BP Oil Spill: Biden, Jindal, Alex At War With Disaster
~Bayou Buzz
~"The Corps of Engineers refuses to beneficially use the millions of cubic yards of material they dredge annually from our rivers and navigation channels – and this was one of the federal agencies that shut us down." ~Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

BP Oil Crime creates Windfall for strategically placed Workers Comp Industries

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K. said...

Haley Barbour is a 21st C. version of the smile-when-you-kill faux Southern "cunnels" that Mark Twain so despised. His attempt to booster Mississippi tourism at the expense of Louisiana's misery is repellent. The only surprise about it is that anyone is surprised.