Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurricane Alex, landfall
~9PM CDT~The center of Alex's eye has made landfall according to NHC. They state that 9PM CDT, Alex's center crossed the shoreline in the municipality of Soto La Marina, MX, which is 110 miles south of Brownsville. At the time of landfall, Alex had wind speeds of 105 mph, making it a Category 2 storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale

Alex pushes oil to Gulf beaches

Locals Must Organize, Communicate, Avoid 'Boy Who Cried Wolf'~Carol Forsloff

An effective oil spill response will pay off worldwide, panelists say
~John Pope
~Given these grim possibilities, everyone in government and industry needs to take time to ensure the repairs are done properly, said Robert Bea, an engineering professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and co-director of the Marine Technology and Management Group and the Center for Risk Mitigation.
"My prayer," he said, "is that we take this as an opportunity to make (offshore drilling) better, not badder. ... We're not rushing to judgment. We're trying to get understanding so we don't run off and do a lot of dumb things."
Bea was one of nine panelists -- a group that included industry veterans, university experts and lawmakers -- who addressed an invitation-only audience of about 30 people at Tulane's A.B. Freeman School of Business.

Oil Spill Crisis Puts Jindal Back On Center Stage ~NPR
~The situation between Jindal and the Obama White House resembles what Len Bahr, former head of the state Office of Coastal Activities, calls "the Katrina dynamic." Bahr is referring to the ineffective working relationship between then-Gov. Kathleen Blanco, a Democrat, and Republican President George W. Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "It's to the governor's political interests to make the president look ineffectual, by stalling on permits," Bahr says. "No matter what he hears, he's gung-ho to do this at all costs, and I think that's just a totally unfortunate situation."

Who Will Pay to Fix Louisiana?
~Oliver Houck

Video: After finding oiled bird, call to BP's wildlife-rescue hotline 'unbelievable'

60 DAYS to YEAR 5:
A Photographic Journey ~NOLAFemmes

Flood insurance renewals blocked until Congress extends program~Bruce Alpert

Flood risk in Des Moines spawns dam dispute
~Water in Saylorville Lake is expected to pour over the dam’s spillway today. (right) If that happens, it will cause a surge downstream, which could crumple levees and damage property in Des Moines.
The Army Corps of Engineers could have done a better job of dropping water levels at Saylorville Lake during the spring so the reservoir could handle more rainwater and prevent summertime flooding in the city, Des Moines' public works director said Tuesday. "I have the perception, and certainly the residents that I work for here have the perception, that this could have been and should have been avoided," Bill Stowe, the director, said of imminent flooding in Des Moines.
~Editilla gotta Axe~ Where have we heard THAT before and are we yet angry enough for having to ask this question of the Corps AGAIN AND AGAIN? Demand The 8/29 Review!


K. said...

How is Bobby Jindal going to hold BP responsible for anything? The New York Times reported yesterday that:

Louisiana's spill response plan is incomplete and out-of-date, in part because Jindal cut its entire R&D budget;

Delays to the plan to construct barrier islands arose not from federal inaction but from the scale and complexity of the plan;

Jindal has deployed barely any of Louisiana's 6,000 National Guardsman;

Despite Jindal's claim that "local leaders know best," state officials are not exactly major players at command table meetings.

Editilla said...

K. Bobby's done an exorcism. I mean come on, how many folks do you know have Done That? Cast out Demons!
But he is on the job every day, and he is the one in da'way...I don't understand if people think Naomi Klein was kidding about Shock Doctrine Disaster Capitalists or What???
Whadd'ya want? A Choir Boy?
Bobby's an Exorcists.
He Exorcises.

K. said...

Jindal is a fraud who diverts attention from his own mistakes by pointing the finger at someone else. He screamed bloody murder about the barrier islands -- and still is -- and now it turns out that the problem has been in his court all along. And he's so concerned about a future disaster that the first words out of his mouth were to assure everyone that deep water drilling was safe and to complain about the moratorium on it. What a stand-up guy.