Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cop: “Let me explain: BP doesn’t want any filming. So all I can really do is strongly suggest that you not film anything right now.” ~Gambit

Gulf oil spill raises oyster prices around the country ~al.com

Hey Bobby take your sand berms and shove it! And take that fat ass crook Billy with you. The Feds halt the environmental rape of the Nungesser/Jindal Sand Berm Scheme ~slabbed

Louisiana Natives Growing Tired of Political Hype State Officials & CNN. Jindal, Cao & Nungessor Axis Of Evil! How B.P., La. & Obama will screw over fishermen!~Creole Folks

All of those tourists covered in oil~Library Chronicles

The Last Day: Thoughts on the Treme Season Finale
~Still Life with soup can

~Editilla Lotellas~We post these "Treme" Gaga posts because we honor everyone's loss after the USACE Flood of New Orleans 8/29/05. Personally, I don't belong in the Back of Town.
This one I find particularly beautiful and touching, resonant.
Even before we gained 120,000,000 gallons of oil at our doorstep, I found the TV series moot, mainly because it has NOTHING for the actual cause of the devastation of New Orleans. Creighton/Ashley yeah, but that was it and far from the depth of the catastrophe (or of Ashley Morris' reaction to it for that matter)... sort of a nod to the "idea" of man-made disaster.
But, the series as a whole deals with none of this --or our actions to bring to light the Corps of Engineers' role in MAKING THIS TV SHOW POSSIBLE. Get as romantic as you want, but if the engineering ain't right then suck my levee, or oil rig take your pick. Pretty pictures of New Orleans just grow mold for me. 'Course they won't take any'mo Editilla comments don't'cha know. They tried to make nice about Nagin's "Mandatory Evacuation", but we don't play nice with this horse shit. We aren't from the Back of Town. No one in the back of town wants to talk about what actually happened, that we are victims of gross engineering malfeasance by the Corps of Engineers. This is New Orleans, all we do is make "moments" after all, a magical place from whence all magical things come like The Wire writers.
Fuck The Line. Who gives a fuck about Man-made Disaster?

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