Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is what really scares me the most about Hurricane Season, this oil and Midwest Grain mentions, however that "The effects of seawater emulsification and the introduction of BP's dispersant of choice, Corexit 9500, may be allowing some degree of evaporation into the water cycle."
~BP’s oil spill-fighting dispersant of choice is Corexit 9500. It has been banned in Europe for good reason. Corexit 9500 is one of the most environmentally enduring, toxic chemical dispersants ever created to battle an oil spill. Add to that the millions of gallons of oil that have been burned, releasing even more toxins into the atmosphere, and you have a recipe for something much worse than acid rain.
~Remember how Katrina ripped all the way to Ohio.
And of course there was Rita (at right) and Gustav.
All had similar land tracks.

Oil Well Cap Is GONE!
~Notella~this lede link is a page with up to 8 ROV sub cams, so it can be slow and jerky.
Cap removed after sub hits vent
~And here is BP Adm Thad Allen lying his ass off.
This is the problem with BP's continuous lying which Thad Allen has continued for BP, to wit: WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING?
"There's more coming up than there had been, but it's not a totally unconstrained discharge," Allen said.
“We’re still developing the facts,” Allen said.
Developing Facts? Like Developing Real Estate?
We cannot believe Thad Allen as every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a BP PR spokesman. He has completely disgraced the uniform he continues to soil upon his sucked-up body.
What is it with our Military Leaders? Have they all turned into corporate ass-wipes? Thad Allen Must Go Now.

Locals overwhelmed by eight-mile gush of oil arriving on Pensacola Beach

BP's Next Disaster~Rolling Stone

BP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling Some Call Risky
~BP is moving ahead with a controversial and potentially record-setting project to drill two miles under the sea and then six to eight miles horizontally to reach what is believed to be a 100-million-barrel reservoir of oil under federal waters.
But BP’s project, called Liberty, has been exempted as regulators have granted it status as an “onshore” project even though it is about three miles off the coast in the Beaufort Sea. The reason: it sits on an artificial island — a 31-acre pile of gravel in about 22 feet of water — built by BP.

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