Thursday, June 24, 2010

Houma oil-spill worker drowns in Gretna pool~Several of Caldwell's relatives, who live in Raceland, said they only knew that he was working in the area for a company they knew as "E and E." []
An official at the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command Joint Information Center said Thursday afternoon that she did not have the name of the subcontractor that Caldwell worked for.

Shoddy disposal work mars oil cleanup

~Hat Tip~Annon @ AZ and Mobile Broadcast News
~ BPGlobalPR The only harmful chemicals in our dispersant are the ones you inhale, silly. #holdyourbreath #bpcares
~Editilla Ravenellas~Here is my comment to Harry Shearer's Huff Post today in response to this comment.
It regards Ivor van Heerden doing Press Tours for BP, and telling NPR that the Oil Impact has all been OVERSTATED.
I am gratified it is posted. I had worried that Harry may tend to protect the man who is, rightly so, a Fulcrum (of many) in his upcoming Documentary: The Big Uneasy, scheduled for May 26 Premier in New Orleans during the 5th Anniversary of the Federal Flood 8/29/05. Thanks Harry! (Please comment as well!:)
But, my sentiments remain, as I am not going to let go of Ivor van Heerden until he retract his statement made on NPR that the Oil Impact on the coast has been OVERSTATED. I won't let him get away with that and anyone who has followed this Ladder knows it.
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The unparalled journalistic ethos of the Huffington Post
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BP Sends PR Professionals To Gulf Coast To Pretend To Be Journalists~Jason Linkins

AP does PR for BP Bo'Dudley! Doesn't Bo'Dudley look an awful lot like Michael Brownie Brown? Uncanny resemblence! AP is getting Creepy, this is heinous! Oh! No Questions fo'Bo Dudley?

Berm, Bobby, Berm?
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Horatio Algeranon said...

"BP Sends PR Professionals To Gulf Coast To Pretend To Be Journalists"

They must have a big supply of PR folks cuz they already sent a whole bunch pretend to be engineers.