Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tropical storm Alex forms
~Satellite image of the tropics at 9am EDT Saturday 6/26/10.
Image credit: GOES Science Project.

National Response Framework
~Jus'soz Y'knowz the Actual Rules and Law in play right now.

Jindal strips coastal money, other projects from budget

FSU Research Cruise This Week ~SkyTruth

Huge oil-skimming ship, named "A Whale" makes Virginia stop en route to Gulf of Mexico

Coastal group aims to protect nesting birds~Nikki Buskey

Monkeyfister Updates
~Editilla Notellas~Spill-cam updates on top, posts below that.


Horatio Algeranon said...

National Response Framework
~Jus'soz Y'knowz the Actual Rules and Law in play right now.


Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but Horatio could not find a single mention of "Ponies and Balloons" (or even "Balloons and Ponies" OR "Ponies" OR "Balloons") anywhere in that entire wiki article (maybe it's been abridged?)

...though there was this
"Scalable, flexible, and adaptable operational capabilities"

Balloons are "scalable and flexible" and ponies are very adaptable, right?

..followed by this

"The ICS/NIMS resources of various formally-defined resource types are requested, assigned and deployed as needed, then demobilized when available and incident deployment is not longer necessary."

...which does sound a lot like the "Balloons and Ponies National Response Framework" (BPNRF), even if it does not use that specific terminology.

Demeur said...

You're right Horatio but isn't it dogs and ponies? Or is that a southern thing?

Editilla said...

Actually it is pronounced "Nerf" NRF.
You won't see Ponies and Balloons here because these folks are not at all about that, they are all about lock-down control and evacuation.
This is serious business. Once they slam the switch I doubt we will be able to communicate online, at least not consistently and not without networking go-arounds, even 2nd hand pass-keys.
Please pay special attention to the Annex sections.
This Thing was designed by the likes of Chertoff and Poindexter, Rumsefeld and Chaney. It has Not been altered with Obama.
It is real and in effect right now, they simply haven't shown the teeth of it yet. But they will, I believe, have no choice by the end of July but Full Deployment.
Pay attention to the facts:
1) 45 mph gusts and those ships and rigs are out of there and the oil will flow UNRESTRICTED for At Least 2 weeks until they return and re-connect the lines. That is just with this First Tropical Storm. What about the others?
2) We haven't even seen a Third of the oil make landfall that is out there according to even the lowest lying estimates.
3) Corexit 9500 will be blown up into the nations bread basket. Crops are already showing damage from inexplicable poisoning as far north as Memphis. The price of Bread will go up, Bank on it. All the chicken farms, all the pig farms too will be exposed to these toxins in addition to those of the hydrocarbon decay.
4) As one of the Hottest Summers On Record unfolds, this oil that is making landfall will Cook up to 150 degrees with heat absorption. That is an already observed fact. As we move into Hurricane Season Proper, the entire nation will come to realize that This Crisis is the only thing they can deal with and that We The People are unprepared. This Crisis is going to make Katrina look like a melted sand castle at nursery school. Serious shit is coming, which will make the breakdown of civilization which I witnessed during the Federal Flood of New Orleans look like a game of Red Rover at Bible Camp. Bear in mind I saw things that would curl your skin, which I have not published. What I have published about that first week of Kafkatrina Nightmare is bad enough and still hard to believe.
5) I can't even get into the Macro Economic implications of this. Bread Lines.
6) You won't be able to walk anywhere along the Gulf Coast at the water without a respirator. Think about that, it is Not an exaggeration.
7) This is War. Shock and Awe. The Devil's playground of Disaster Capitalist. They know it best because they laid this ground.
8) We The People have become Collateral Damage.

Editilla said...

Demure, who are you?
"Ponies and Balloons" is the description from BP's own mouth as witnessed by Kindra Anenson.
"Ponies and Balloons" is the title of their established and well-planned Tactic.
It bothers me enough that Ho would carry the joke so far, but you on the other hand would try to MisFrame it as a Southern Thing?
OK, it is a BP Thing. It is a Tactic, not a Metaphor. It is a Method of Propaganda that you seem to have Bought.
So come off it. Who are you? What gives here?
Wake up. Smell the Oil. Get your ass in gear. This just isn't funny any more.

Editilla said...

please forgive my accusatory outburst there. My apologies. Really.
There are switches getting thrown in my brain right now that I'm having a hard time controlling.
I appreciate you coming to the Ladder.

Horatio Algeranon said...

What was said above was certainly not intended to make light of the plight of the people along the Gulf and my apologies if it came across that way.

It was actually intended as mockery of the way this whole thing is being handled.

"Ponies and balloons" is synonymous with propaganda, which very much is a key part of every government response to any crisis (and undoubtedly viewed by some of those in power as the most important one)

Unfortunately, in this case, propaganda seems to be almost the entire focus, at least when it comes to mitigation.

... and the part of the NRF about deploying resources, demobilizing and then redeploying those resources elsewhere is the core element of "Ponies and Balloons".

Editilla said...

Thanks Ho.
Google "Rhinoceros". Lemme save you the trouble:
I am beginning to believe that they have calculated "acceptable casualties" or "collateral damage", and now must move to contain the resultant Chaos.
If these fuckers learned anything from Katrina, it as absolute control of the News Media --as evidenced by Hurricane Ike in Galveston.
If these fuckers learned anything from Katrina, it was move sooner than later.
We have a problem, Houston.