Saturday, January 3, 2009


Mother's colorful memorial to her son has both fans and critics
~Katy Reckdahl

Editilla T'n'T~New Orleans Can Thrive

Gaza Protest in New Orleans Tomorrow!~My Private Casbah

New Documentary About NOLA ...and Katrina...
~Watergate Summer

$30 million levee filled with holes, Corps of Engineers commands: "Do it Our Way or the Flood Way" ~Nikki Buskey
But the $30 million levee will have four gaps -- each from 200 to 600 feet wide -- where existing pipelines will cut through it.
Corps officials say it is impossible for them to build a complete levee given time and money constraints.
“So we’ll have a super-strong six-mile section of levee with four no-work zones.
Basically that’s a six-mile levee with four holes in it,” said state Sen. Reggie Dupre, D-Bourg. “After the corps finishes its job, someone’s going to have to go and finish this levee."
~Special thanks~ Illustration above left: New Orleans Levee
Illustration middle right: da'Masqued E'vinga!
Photo bottom left: Daily Comet responds to UNO engineering professor's Christmas Day letter
~Editilla Notellas~ Re-posted due to continued Rock'N'Rollicking Commentary on this issue of Slight-of-Hand and just how a Civil Engineering Professor from UNO could say such stupid and erroneous things in defense of the Corps of Engineers and get his ass handed to him by Y'all come join the fun!

Erin Brockovich To Visit TN Coal Ash Spill Site

Housing demolition suit set back by appeals court
~Allen M. Johnson Jr.

Wait, WTF, Pope Ratzi Smokes Cigarettes

~"Is this some hilarious WSJ New Year’s joke?
Because there is no evidence we can locate, outside of some obviously photoshopped images of Ratzi in a cloud of cancer, to suggest our crappiest pope indulges in this particular variety of sucking on cylindrical objects."
-Best British English expression EVAR: “Can I bum a fag?”
-Smoke without sex?
-next thing you know, you are gonna tell me that he gets plastered off the communion wine!
-Holy smokes?
-I heard he butts them with his tongue, just to show the Cardinals what a major bad ass he is.

Still Waiting for the Recession in New Orleans ~Steven Gray

Gov't resumes oil purchases for stockpile

Food Storage Basics - Getting Started~Leaving Excess

Biloxi stamp will light the way

Persona: Bryan Batt
~Sue Strachan, NO Magazine

Jazz on the Tube
The Internet's jazz video jukebox

~Editilla Chin'Chillaaaaasss!~ This is one of those Ideas what should'a happened a long time ago! Y'all please go check them out and sign up fo'da Jazz Tube! Here is just a sample:

Special T'anks to Our Friends at Food Music Justice!

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