Thursday, August 13, 2009


New Orleans area woman dies from Swine Flu ~WWL

Shrimp harvests slim: Commercial fishermen cast nets in rough waters~Jeff Moore
~Ocean Harvest employee D.J. Breaux shovels shrimp from the boat Slow Ride onto a conveyor belt for weighing after returning from a three-day trip Wednesday in Delcambre.
Shrimp season got off to a slow start this week, with shrimpers across the area reporting small catches and low dockside prices following Monday's opening day.

Robbing a river to build a marsh ~Nikki Buskey

Driving Miss Crazy in a future south Louisiana (part 1) ~LaCoastPost ~Part 2
~"Editor’s caveat: This post introduces my sense of the future of transportation in south Louisiana. Part two will follow soon. Environmental planning is a uniquely human exercise that provides a welcome distraction from coping with the present."

TD 2 nearly dead; African disturbance 90L gathering strength~Dr. Jeff Masters
~Tropical Depression Two is near death, but is still worth watching.
The dry, Saharan air to the north and west of the depression, combined with moderately high levels of wind shear of 15 - 20 knots, have almost completely destroyed all of TD 2's heavy thunderstorms. Satellite loops of the storm show a well-formed circulation, but almost no heavy thunderstorm activity.

Hurricane peak not unique ~Nature

Ride to Safety for Taiwan Survivors~Andrew Jacobs

Everglades restoration project gets federal aid~Curits Morgan

Disabled Students In Louisiana Are More Likely To Be Subjected To Corporal Punishment ~CenLamar

Oh Ye of Little Faith ~slabbed

VA hospital plans unaffected by uncertainty over state teaching hospital~Bill Barrow

How American Health Care
Killed My Father~David Goldhill

Disaster planning for disabled faulted~Bruce Alpert

Pitt on mayoral run:
‘I don’t have a chance!’
~Mike Celizic

~Actor laughs off New Orleans grassroots movement:
...‘Not what I do best’

Union organizers target Rouses stores~Houma Today~Union organizers clashed with management at Rouses Supermarkets across Louisiana last week, resulting in the arrests of six union representatives and claims that the company unfairly prevented employees from getting information on forming their own locals.

MS Gov. Haley Babar Announces New Affordable Housing Units
~Yall Politics

Business continuity planning vs. Emergency management
~We somehow need to distinguish between Business Continuity Planning (the overall 'pre-incident' planning exercise), Disaster Recovery (the aspect more related to planning for and recovering from the incident itself), and Emergency Management (the managing of the incident whilst it is in progress). Where these definitions are placed, and how they are worked out, is the moot point.

Katrina Anniversary Nears, and Should Evoke Truths, Both Ugly and Ennobling~Jacob Schuman

Crazy times in Boutte
~Thanks Katrina

"Loyola Katrina Class"
Gift Dedication Ceremony

Sunday Nov. 22
~live music on two stages
~over 60 of New Orleans' best-known artists' unique artwork
~family-friendly events such as a children’s section with games and ~prizes, po-boy photo booth, and panel discussions covering the history of the po-boy.
~and, of course, the best tasting po-boys in New Orleans!

Dave Eggers heading to L.A.

If the Dead Rise Not, Prewar Berlin Inspires Crime Novelist's Dark Side~Eric Westervelt
~In Kerr's novels, detective Gunther watches as the city he loves for its edgy openness slowly becomes oppressive and is taken over by jack-booted thugs. Gunther believes in democracy and the Weimar republic, yet he's not passionately political...
— he just a professional who wants to do his job.

"Waiting for Godot" As Viewed After Hurricane Katrina
~Frank Rizzo

Sarajevo Film Festival kicks off, 100,000 viewers expected at fest founded during wartime
~Aida Cerkez-robinson

Do something constructive for local artists~Herman Fuselier
~"I was set to scream, shout and ask questions later.
That's the way “communications” seem to work these days, especially at congressional town hall meetings.
Last week, Allen Toussaint and Ernie K-Doe were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

The honor is richly deserved by two New Orleans entertainers who have given the world such hits as Mother-in-Law, Working in a Coal Mine and Lady Marmalade.
I saw news of their induction in at least three newspapers, which also ran a list of previous inductees. What caused me to shout was out of 38 inductees to the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, there were no Cajun or zydeco artists.
Not one. Zero. Nada. Pas rien."

Gumbo! New Orleans spices up Minnesota Orchestra jazz season
~Rob Hubbard

A note from the Maple Leaf
~Alex Woodward

"As usual, we will not evacuate if there is a hurricane, but will stay open with food and entertainment.~Hank"
~To that we would humbly add...Hell Yeah!
NOLA, Sinn Féin!

Miff Mole (Irving Milfred)

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