Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jim Dickinson dead at 67
~Our hearts go out to Mrs Mary Lindsey, Luther, and Cody
--and all close to the Dickinson family who knew and loved Jim.
I first met Jim Dickinson when I warmed up for his band Mudboy and the Neutrons in Memphis in '81 or '82. Over the years we would congrooviate occasionally and, though we weren't close, he always left me feeling like a musician and a friend.
With Lee Baker and Fury Lewis, Dickinson influenced my own musical development deeply and unmistakably, as if I can still smell the bogue in which I learned to swim.
With age he just got better and better and nicer and nicer.
I already sorely miss this man and will never forget him.
"Fuck it, its only music," said the funniest musician I've ever met.
This is where I grew up, where I come from...

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