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Updated maps help document wetland loss~Nikki Buskey
Related~Atchafalaya Basin meetings planned

Image: Fisk, 1944. Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA.
Plate 22-10.
Harold N. Fisk's
1944 monumental tome on nature at its most mundane and sublime is, amazingly, available online and free. Landscape architects in every specialty have much to glean from it, not the least of which are water engineering techniques, ecological and geological processes, graphic representation, and the ideological and philosophical implications of reconstructing the Mississippi River.
Resource~ Pruned. {Please click either pic to enlarge.}
Below: Louisiana Coast via WAVCIS

Poll finds voters looking for candidates who favor reopening Charity Hospital

In Crisis, New Orleans Cuts Mental Health Efforts
~Justin Grant

This Murder just won't Die
~Editilla Notellas~
Our original take on this story was one of incredulity, a yellow stench left in our mouth from our view of the cops during The Flood as: GONE FERAL, They Ran, Hid, They Faced Payback, They Looted. They killed.
I know many readers may have a more benevolent impression of these thugs as overwhelmed and doing what they could,
---but I Did Not See That.
Indeed, I only saw the cops when they were running scared.
So, because we did not see NOPD doing any of these alleged murders or defending the stranded city, we found it odd that the rest of the country seems fascinated by this story.
Not to diminish the Danziger Bridge Murders, jus'sayin...
I was there and saw a lot of murder during what we have come to euphemistically refer to as "The Troubles".
Thus, picking the NOPD out of the lot is like bobbing for voodoo dolls in a barrel full of rabid monkeys.

Jarvis DeBerry: Has New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin let you down? Join the club

Regulators from 4 states and New Orleans to discuss future of Entergy's electricity grid

Obama Administration Issues Controversial Mountaintop Removal Permit ~iLoveMountains.org
~Charleston, West Virginia – Today the public learned that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a Clean Water Act permit last week for Consol Energy’s Peg Fork mountaintop removal coal mine in Mingo County, West Virginia.
This controversial decision marks the first time during the Obama administration that the Army Corps approved a mine permit to which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had previously objected, opening the door for many new mountaintop removal coal mines in Appalachia.
The decision to allow this operation to proceed also demonstrates the Department of Interior’s lack of will to enforce the clear mandates of a critical Surface Mining Act regulation.

Tuesday Music: Dedicated to Cori and Kerri Rigsby ~slabbed
~Editilla dedicates this one da'Ladda to da'slabbed!

Cigar shops fret over high taxes, smoking laws~Alan Sayre

IPCPR 77th Annual Convention and International Trade Show
~The International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association
is a not-for-profit trade association organized as the advocate for the independent retail tobacconist and recognized as the "Voice of Authority and Reason" on premium tobacco related issues.

The Mighty, Mighty New Orleans
Dead Friends Society

One of the Gulf South's Largest Model train sets!
Tilla'tanks to New Gentle'rilla Patricia fo'da Tip'n'comment!

Audiosocket Signs New Orleans Label Basin Street Records

Exclusive First Listen:
Terence Blanchard
~Josh Jackson, NPR

New Orleans Jazz Institute to hold auditions

Juke Joint Music Calendar
~Doc's Juke Joint

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