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Natural Disasters captured
from Space~NerdModo

~At Right: Chandeleur Isls pre/post Katrina.
Satellites have been responsible for providing weather news for the past 50 years, and they heralded an era of global communication.
From commercial communication satellites to spy satellites to weather satellites, they are awe inspiring in all forms. Natural disasters strike in many forms, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches and floods. Today, we present a portfolio of natural disasters as photographed from the Space.
Composite Image shows Mexican Island of Cozumel surrounded by Hurricane Wilma, October 2005.

Taiwan flood death toll could top 500: president~Ben Yeh

~Thousands of people have been told to leave their homes as a 4,100-acre wildfire rages in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Bonny Doon. The blaze, named the Lockheed Fire, has forced the evacuation of nearly 2,500 people.

Jarvis DeBerry: Did a corrupt Orleans Levee Board cause flooding? Will a corrupt Corps of Engineers?
~Myths prevail where people refuse to think.
A thoughtful analysis of the Katrina flooding reveals that corruption at the Levee Board, though disgraceful, had nothing to do with the Corps of Engineers building flimsy floodwalls.
The people who died in their attics perished because the flood protection system constructed by the corps was, in the agency's words, "a system in name only," --not because the Levee Board was a cesspool of cronyism.

Corps of Engineers awards final pump station contract
~Michelle Krup

N.O. East residents divided over plan to use clay to build levees
~Susan Edwards, WWL

~It's a plan that has split residents in a high-priced New Orleans subdivision: whether or not to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to extract 113 acres of clay from the Eastover subdivision to build levees. ~And this from the T-P

Greater New Orleans Foundation allocates $625,000 to 5 parishes

This is odd...~Deon Roberts
~Entrepreneur magazine, in its latest issue, dedicated its cover story to the “new entrepreneurial culture (that) is taking hold in New Orleans.” But in that same issue, there’s a list of the
“10 startup-friendly cities.”
Who can guess which city is not on the list?

Fluff over substance at WLOX ~slabbed~You had to know on the subject of State Farm’s proposed rate increase that someone in the media would display an incredible amount of ignorance and make an ass of themselves. David Vincent of WLOX took the plunge with today’s editorial which at its heart has the premise that Ed Rust and his mafia in Bloomington don’t know what is going on down here.

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano to visit SUNO on Monday

Pentagon, governors face off over reserve plan~Lolita C. Baldo
The Pentagon is upsetting the nation’s governors by pushing for authority to call up military reservists for natural disasters
— and to control how the troops would be used in any state.
“Control” is the key word. Largely considered a wartime resource, the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine reserves can be tapped by the president for military deployments overseas and for national emergencies such as terrorist attacks.
But the law is largely silent when mother nature is involved.
Bandied about in the past, the issue emerged anew in recent days after defense officials floated a new proposal on Capitol Hill, sparking a sharp response from the governors.

Rep. crafting amendment exempting La. from national health care

Orange Cone Pittsburgh
~We Could Be Famous

~Editilla Herollero and WCBF Bloggarello "E" will be here through Sunday trying to represent new media New Orleans progressives at Netroots Nation 2009.

Five historic New Orleans sites restored as part of national project

Film tells story of pet rescues after Katrina ~Stacy Lee
~The award-winning film will be shown on Sunday at 3:15 p.m. at Pittsburgh's Southside Works Cinema.
It follows the pets left to perish in the hurricane and the vets, owners, officials, rescuers and adopters of the animals working together to meet the crisis.

Lyle Grimes, Westwego 'motorcyle nut,' killed in bike wreck outside of Natchitoches
~Editilla Notellas~ Lyle Grimes was well known at BMW rallies across the country, to the point where we received a phone call from rider asking that we hang his obituary onto the Ladder.
No problem, it is our Honor. Ride In Peace, Noble Mon.
To quote Lyle: "It takes a certain kind of nut to ride a motorcycle, and I am that motorcycle nut."

New York Times Miscues Review
Dave Eggers for Charles Dickens,
'Zeitoun' for 'After the Deluge'

~Editilla Crow'tellas~ Jus'sayin, we find both books worthy of a Times Review, and await their take on the new graphic novel: "AD-New Orleans After the Deluge".

Brad Pitt's guide to New Orleans

Louisiana Cuisine Goes National

The Iguanas, Davell Crawford, Irma Thomas and more music for the week from Spera's Trick Bag!

AC/DC adds New Orleans stop to its 'Black Ice' tour

On 40th anniversary, Woodstock legacy felt across vibrant
(but less groovy?) festival circuit
~Jake Coyle

~Editilla Ro'tellas~
Lest anyone buy this or NPReeta's attempts to compare
"Our Rock'N'Roll Social Evolution" with the latest town-hall market displays of devolution by these ill-bred, over-medicated Kristallnacht'head minions of National Socialism, that's right: After Birther Walshirts.... I would like you to consider that Time Flies when yer'havin Fun in the Sun. What does that mean? It means that we passed a mere 25 years, only a quarter of a century, since helping to defeat those homo'entropic ideological hoodlums and Liberate their Nazi Camps --until 1969...
Woodstock, when we gathered together to end the War in Vietnam. We changed this country. This breed of Wal'shirts
can't even change their diaper, let alone hold their piece.
Personally, consider yer'oh'so' humble Editilla a ReBirther.

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