Monday, August 10, 2009


Record breaker: Check out Louisiana's Great Pumpkin
~Jeff Zeringue

~Brodie Gonsoulin was just thinking about icing down a beer keg for a Halloween party when he set out to grow a giant pumpkin.
Now the New Iberia native holds the state record for great pumpkins.
"I thought, it'd be neat to have one (big enough) to put a keg in, but that hasn't happened,"
he said. He's had several pumpkins big enough, but they've all ripened too early to keep until Halloween. His idea led to a form of "extreme gardening," Gonsoulin said, that "got wildly out of control."
~AP Photo/The Daily Iberian, Jeff Zeringue

Army Corps works with airport to realign a flood wall that could block taxiway expansion
~Sheila Grissett

Algiers Canal, Harvey Canal tropical storm rules draw protests~Paul Rioux

Realistic Rail Options for Louisiana~CenLamar

Unions want a wider door, businesses say door is open
~Gary Perriloux

The People Deserve Timetables ~Cliff's Crib

New Orleans' master plan still in limbo; final draft delayed on its way to council~Bruce Eggler

Court throws out New Orleans tour guides' suit claiming derogatory terms defamed them
~Ramon Antonio Vargas

~Since June 2003, Sidney Smith has claimed that Donald Geddes defamed him by writing in a widely circulated e-mail message that Smith's Haunted History Tours company was "a bunch of thugs who pass themselves off as respectful tour operators." But Geddes not only had the right to call Smith and his colleagues "thugs, " he could have called them frauds, liars, idiots, scabs, traitors or sleaze-bag agents without fear of punishment, a state appellate court said recently in dismissing a lawsuit filed by Smith.

Typhoon Morakot Spawns Mudslide In Taiwan, Burying Hundreds In Debris
~Annie Huang

10 Books Girls Should Read Before Age 18
~The Huck UpChuck

Here I Am, Rock Me Like a Hurricane~Silence it the Enemy of Freedom

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