Friday, June 18, 2010

Glen David Andrews Leads Protest Second Line in Jackson Square, Promises March on City Hall if NOPD Continues to Enforce Noise Ordinance ~Gambit
~“We’re not going to have another musician getting arrested,” said Andrews. “We’re not going to have another musician getting a ticket, and if we get word, if I get word of any other musicians being harassed, we’re going to get Trombone Shorty, Lenny Kravitz, the Andrews [Brass Band], Rebirth [Brass Band], Dr. John, and we’re going to march on City Hall.”~Mitch Landrieu statement on street musicians and the noise ordinance

One of America’s Largest Oyster Processors Ceases Operations ~NOLAFemmes

Stats show slow pace of oil spill claim payments
Official report on gov't investigation of Australia's blowout and spill last year being withheld from public -

BP's Admiral Thad Allen Doesn't Know What The Fuck He Is Talking About Period, Really.... So Why Does He Still Wear That Silly Uniform?

~Unfortunately Thad The Impaler now finds himself in the Real World of Real Consequences, not his Cotton Candy World of Miami Suck Up for Advancement. Poor Thad, Poor America, is now in way over his Brown Nose. He cannot hang with The Oil Men. There Will Be Blood, Thad's Thin Blood all over this Crime.
~Editilla Crowtellas~ Why is this Gravy Train Conductor still on this broken derailed track?
Given May 28th the 2nd Relief Well was reported suspended --despite Thad Allen's BP line at the time, how do we fact-check Thad The Impaler's glowing crowing for his sugar- daddy Tony Fey's pusillanimous pack of Preternational Pirates?
Thank you, Masqued E'vinga! for helping illustrate this Vampyrrhic Victory Meal! Welcome to The Gravy Train Wreck!

~What will Thad Do Now that Tony is getting sacked?
British Petroleum exhibits extreme hubris in having Tony Fey Hayward testify with NOTHING the day he is Removed from management of this disaster. A true WTF Moment. He had no answers because BP ain't the Answer Men! BP is the Oil Men!

BBC Limey Pukes say: "US oil spill" in Gulf 'making dolphins act drunk'...Oh! Silly US! We thought it was the British Petroleum Oil Fail!

My son's grieving family deserves more from BP~Keith D. Jones
~My son, Gordon, died aboard the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, 2010. That statement, standing on its own, might say everything about my life these days. But in truth it says little. Although I am consumed with grief over the loss of Gordon, because I am a lawyer, I am needed elsewhere.
Gordon's older brother Chris and I are directing all our energies to try to make right an outdated law that would deprive my daughter-in-law, Michelle, and her two boys, my grandsons, of "more nearly fair compensation" for the loss of their husband and father.

BP Oil Spill Flows As Louisiana, Gulf, World Damage Shows
~Steven Sabludowski, BBuzz

Bill passes to open La. gov's oil spill records

BP, Nalco Sued Over Dispersant Used in Gulf Spill

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