Sunday, June 13, 2010

Louisiana demands justice, not charity~James Carville
~Editilla Notellas~ For inexplicable reasons, cut Carville's piece to ribbons for his "Guest OpEd".
We cannot fathom why, but perhaps because the statements censored regard the Corps Engineering Failures, and runs globs of Corps Flash Ads. They have been know to protect the Corps in the past over these lucrative Ads.
It is a pretty surgical hatchet job actually, but for mention of Duvall's Ruling, they completely censored all of Carville's many other statements referencing Corps of Engineers culpability in the devastation of New Orleans.

A message from Seize BP about the Obama administration's new position on BP

Why the United States Still Can't Get BP to Do What's Necessary
~Robert Reich

BTW, Sarah Palin, you weren't a CEO, you were a governor. Elected not hired. Quit not fired.

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR

Local scientist tests Plaquemines Parish's air and water quality

CDC and BP Oil Fail

Australian oil well blowout foreshadowed Gulf disaster --but not Sen Mary Landrieu's abject and unbridled, punkish stupidity
~U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., who serves on the committee, castigated John Amos, president of SkyTruth, saying that only 1 percent of oil in the oceans comes from drilling. She said Montara leaked only a trivial amount of oil and that the situation was irrelevant because the operator's well-casing moves wouldn't have been acceptable in the United States.

Failures of the Deepwater Horizon Semi-Submersible Drilling Unit~Bob Bea

And don’t call me Shirley
~Ray Lang
~Hat tweet~erster

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