Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama's Oil Spill Speech: What Was The Point?~Jason Linkins

Liveblog of the President’s Remarks on the BP Oil Disaster ~Michael Whitney, FDL
~UPDATE: Well, that was underwhelming to say the least. In fact, Obama basically said nothing, offered no specifics on how to bring some life to the recovery effort, used BP’s unfounded statistics to promise about the cleanup, and again offered no specifics for what he will do to help the people of the Gulf. There’s a whole lot of pretty sentiments and references to maritime tradition, but nothing about what the administration will do differently. There wasn’t even a specified number for BP’s escrow account, just “whatever amount is required.” How’s that supposed to work?

Gulf residents seek more than talk from Obama ~WWL

Another man-made disaster, another presidential speech
~Mark Moseley, The Lens

~letwits Today, rhrsl for Evening of Political Song, Thurs night @ Festival Hall. UK premieres of "Addicted to Oil" & "Deaf Boys".

We hate BP, we need BP
~James Gill
~Obama, on taking office, removed a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office and packed it off to the British Embassy. He has since declined to affirm British sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. A British offer to supply dispersants a couple of days after the spill was rebuffed. Fair enough. The limeys are not everyone's cup of tea.

BP engineer's testimony contradicted by e-mail released by congressional investigators
~David Hammer

Oil spill news miscellany. BP’s solvency is still the topic ~slabbed

Large Fla. Firms Tapped for Defense in Oil Spill Cases

A primer on the law and the oil spill~Green Heritage News

BP gives LSU $5 million for oil research~What Would Ivor Say? WWIS?

Ad for a Dish Detergent Becomes Part of a Story~Leslie Kaufman

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