Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden enjoyed a round of golf Saturday near Washington while their Sugar Daddy Tony Hayward does the Yat'Race!
~Editilla Publicatas~My letter to this Fuck Off Loser Narcissists Suck Me President at
[And lest anyone misunderestimate my sentiments here: Barack Obama is the most worthless excuse of sold-out, punked, opportunistic Presidential horse shit we have ever seen! A Real Textbook Jack'off!]
Mr President,
while Tony Hayward is enjoying his Effete Yacht Race, I am glad you and VP Biden are enjoying your Golf Game. Please Resign.
You give even less of a Rat's Ass for the American People than Bush did when he left us to die in the Flood of New Orleans 8/29/05. You are a DISGRACE. Please Resign.
Step Aside. Go hug your children. Play Cards. WTF Ever...
Whatever... but get out of the way of our National Disaster.
You may as well close up shop right now, don't even wait to get buried in the next election. You are history, a history of flaccid fey Presidents, sold-out to a preternational corporation.
What could BP have possibly offered you for the rest of you life to make it worth selling out our country, you turncoat?
The Well is COLLAPSING beneath the Blow Out Preventer, you absolutely out-of-the-loop lackey bitch'slapped worthless leader?
RESIGN!!!! It appears that the Well is Collapsing, Tony Heyward is at the Yacht Races, you are playing golf with Biden...
---and the Well Is Collapsing????
Do the honorable thing. Please Resign.
Do the honorable thing. RESIGN!
You honestly cannot expect to believe you would get another term with this sort of unconscionable crap? Really!
Your profoundly disillusioned voter,
Editilla~New Orleans Ladder
~Editilla Coverellas~We published our letter so the Secret Service will know that we have no Personal Problems with this wasted, Toasted Presidency.
Obama WILL BE VOTED OUT IN 2012 --that much is obvious. So we are just bitching at him now.
We sincerely hope the SS doesn't construe our angst as anything other than voter disaffection. We trust the Electoral Process to rid us of this lying piece of lackey pretty'boy bullshit known as the Obama Presidency.
I mean, what have we now but a nation of Ass Kissers?

Oil spill containment efforts approach their current capacity, says Sold-out Bitch'punked BP Admiral Thad Allen

Beach report: Where the oil has washed ashore

BP Oil Spill: Nungesser Complains About Cleanup
~“This is infuriating. We continue to stress how important it is to get out early and at 10 a.m. no one was out on the water yet. The oil doesn’t wait. This is unacceptable and unbelievable, it’s the reason why I’ve called for a change in leadership. I’m going to send this to the White House so they know what’s happening on the ground,” said President Nungesser. “There’s no sense of urgency. Wilkinson Canal was lined with skim boats and other boats, not being utilized. Meanwhile, the Parish Strike Force is out there sucking up barrels of oil using a new air pressure shop vac. The vacuum sits on top of a 55 gallon drum and runs on air instead of electricity for safer use. This morning alone it filled up a 55 gallon drum in a matter of minutes. We will also begin picking up boom that’s been deployed for weeks, saturated, and still laying in the marsh and put it in garbage cans lined with garbage bags.”

BP claims it owns 'blackened'
~The New Orleans Levee


oyster said...

I'll wager another twelve pack that Obama gets re-elected.

Editilla said...

Yer On!!!
Whew! I was worried that I would have a near kegger by now with our bets, but no problem here! Obama is milktoasted! Gone!
He doesn't have a fucking Clue as with most of America's Youth who voted for him! Hahahahahaha!
Tony Rey is at the Yat'Races.
Obama is playing Golf with Biden.
If Kafka were alive today he would be pissing in his own mouth!