Monday, June 14, 2010

This Illegal BP Press Censorship Horse Shit Must Stop Now!

BP says it's baring all; facts say something else~When a CNN camera crew tried to talk to workers cleaning oil-drenched birds on the Gulf Coast last Thursday, it was turned away by a man from the Louisiana State Animal Response Team, a group that says it's working with BP to help wildlife. Never mind that the crew had federal permission to visit the site. "I make the final call," the man said brusquely.

Brits Cry POOR ME! Telegraph View: BP's shareholders have every right to feel angry at the prospect of losing their dividend.

British Press Is Onto Us Now! Relentless BP PR! Arrrgggghh!!

Investigators: BP ignored warnings, proceeded with Gulf well

BP oil disaster threatens Mississippi Delta goods and services~Louisiana Weekly

Oil spill coats Louisiana's Barataria Bay

Watchdog To Salazar: Close BP's Atlantis Or Get Out Of The Way

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