Friday, May 7, 2010


BP Oil Spill Disaster - May 7th

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How big is the BP Oil Disaster?
~Google Lat Long Blog

~Editilla gotta axe~Can someone at Google please STOP their use of BP PR to name this disaster?
Google of all groups should know how this works with their own aggregation. What you Name a thing is what it becomes in History on the Internet. This it the BP Oil Disaster: BP caused it (not the DWHorizon Rig), It is Not a Spill but an Oil Man River.
Also, Google is badly under-quoting the Flow Rate.
We cannot abide Google doing Bad Informing. Why Google?
Editilla would axe them myself but Google Blogs don't seem to Do Comments from their readers that I could find. What'up Wit'dat?
This in itself is an even greater Irony than their continued egregious Miss-Framing the Name of this Disaster.

Oil, Obfuscations and Videotape in the Gulf of Mexico
~Georgianne Nienaber

~Social Networking Crisis Map Shows Impacts of BP Oil Spill
~The Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a health and justice organization in New Orleans, is asking residents of the Gulf Coast to report fisherman out of work, endangered wildlife, oil on shore, oil sheens, health impacts and other problems using a new tool known as the Oil Spill Crisis Map. "The Oil Spill Crisis Map compiles and maps eyewitness accounts of the oil's effects in real time," said Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. "This is a tool for all of us to understand the extent of the damage."

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