Sunday, May 2, 2010


LA Seafood Group Bows Down
Statement from Harlon Pearce, Chairman,
Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board:
“The precautionary closure of the federal waters off the coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and part of Florida is a necessary action to insure the citizens of the United States and abroad that our seafood will maintain the highest level of quality we expect from the Gulf of Mexico. As chairman of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board, I applaud Dr. Lubchenco’s decision to insure everyone that all seafood in the Gulf is of the highest quality and is safe to eat.”
Statement from Ewell Smith, Executive Director,
Louisiana Seafood Board: “We Support NOAA’s precautionary closure of the affected area so that the American consumer has confidence that the seafood they eat is safe. It is also very important to underscore the fact that this closure is only the affected area of the Gulf of Mexico, not the entire Gulf. The state waters of Louisiana West of the Mississippi River are still open and the seafood coming from that area is safe. That portion of waters represents about 77% of Louisiana seafood production of a 2.4 billion dollar economic impact to the state.”
Special thanks to Georgianne Nienaber for sending these updates!
~Editilla Notellas~ INCIDENT COMMAND misleads in their public relations press release that this statement represents a Group of Leaders when in fact both of these men belong to the same group as we showed in links. There is no growing list of Seafood Industry Leaders lining up to make things any easier in court for the Bastard Culprits of this Disaster. Sinn Féin.

Ship of State Sinks Along With Truth in Deepwater Horizon Disaster~Georgianne Nienaber
~Initially, being an old-school journalist, this writer was willing to give the "unified command" of the Coast Guard, NOAA, British Petroleum (BP), State and Federal officials the benefit of the doubt. Even when officials in charge of the staging area for boom and clean-up material on Woolmarket Road in Biloxi painted a yellow line on the driveway, across which no media could cross, the journalist in me thought, "Well it is private property, so it is within their right to do so."
Now that the catastrophe has become big news, and satellite trucks rented by world media are gathering like hyenas for the kill in Venice, LA, "unified command" has decidedly changed its tune. Recognizing that BIG MEDIA views firsthand video and photos of oil lapping the shore with the same enthusiasm reserved for exclusive photos of Lindsay Lohan coming out of rehab, or Tiger Woods' mea culpa for bad behavior, media is now "invited" to embed.

Fishing, oil industries drive Gulf economy but at odds after spill

Safety Device Questioned in '04
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