Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama press secretary says the President wants to do everything `humanly possible' on spill... --butt stopped short on specifics.
~Explaining Obama's visit after the April 20 oil platform explosion, Gibbs said, "He's here today to make sure that we are continuing to do all that is humanly possible."
But if your a fisherman with a problem, don't call us call BP.
~"That's something that hasn't been tried before,
and I think it goes to show that we are trying everything that we know and even some things that haven't been tried before," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters.
~Editilla just watched the President live, and here is what he said: "blablablabla bla bla blalba bla bla bla, yadda yadda bla bla.. we're doing everything humanly possible and wont stop doing the it until it's done bla bla blaaa bleet bleet yada yada." Well, in so many words...
This is getting ridiculous. What our President basically said, by Not Saying Anything Of Value At All, is that we are fucked in Louisiana for the next 30 days-30 years. BP is off the hook because they aren't going to handle the Millions of lawsuits Americans are filing as you read poor Editilla's sad report.
We won't see a thin oil coated dime from these pirates. Get Real.
I mean, we are way fucked. His'O'ner had only one thing to tell us: "BP is going to pay for this." Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.
Like Exxon paid-up right off the bat for the Valdez? Bullshit.
Dear Mr President Bulshit and You Know It, we are fucked.
Ya'heard me, Mr. President? I repeat: You Are Pumping Bullshit.
You know it and now we know it. I could see it in your eyes when you made that "joke" about Louisiana Drizzle. Cute, Slick Barry.
Those are Tears, Mr. President. Louisiana Tears you smeared.
Save your Jokey Thingy fo'da Correspondents' Dinner Crowd.
The US Government has No Plan but to let BP handle it, as well as run loose on the news media doing their reverse public relations. This precedent you are setting of Kissing Their Ass will not do --not even for your Single Presidency. That's right, you are one and done. If you can't stand stronger than this for the American People when a Foreign Company so badly screws us in Our Soul, then it is time for us to start shopping for another actually real progressive candidate who kisses corporate ass only half as much.
I can tell already by the way you are letting your campaign crew run this show. You still think this is a PR problem.
The Grim Truth would have been so much better than this dull recognition, this dawning of viscous deja vu that we already heard Bush say basically the same thing in Jackson Square:
"Your government stands ready to do what ever it takes for however long it takes..."
No, you feckless politico, unless you get off your ass and show some testicular fortitude, you will not be allowed to use This Man-Made Disaster to keep yourself in office any more than did The Decider That Other Man-Made Disaster.

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Vérité Parlant said...

They know it's beyond them to fix it. That's one of the big pitfalls of offshore drilling: you have an accident like this and the damage goes far beyond everything that justifies the offshore wells. Listen for more lipservice on "alternative sources of energy" over the next few weeks, months.

BTW, did you see WWLTV's blog saying Rush Limbaugh suggested this was an inside job and requires no clean up. He's popular down here. I can't believe people continue to listen to that man.

Editilla said...

It probably was an inside job since it turns out that Halliburton had the Concrete Contract on the Well Head that was supposed to prevent the gas explosion that happened on the Rig.
I am sadly disappointed in Barack Obama today.
I hope he drops by Leah Chase's for a photo op and some fresh seafood gumbo. I really do.

dan said...

I tried to tell you he's a useless corporate whore not to mention a blood-soaked war criminal.

Feel me now?