Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Governor Jindal Attends Launching of Jack Up Barge in Plaquemines Parish, announced LANG to build wharf in St. Bernard Parish to help deploy resources
~Governor Jindal said, “Through the leadership of Billy Nungesser, Plaquemines Parish is aggressively moving to protect their coastal resources. Around 100,000 feet of hard boom is currently being deployed and the parish is also ready to deploy around 24 miles of absorbent boom to supplement hard booming efforts. We’re here today to help Plaquemines Parish launch the first jack up barge as part of our work to mitigate the impact of the spill. This jack up barge will literally save hours of time to deploy resources to fragile areas of our coast. These kinds of barges can also be moved in the event that weather conditions shift and take the oil into another part of Plaquemines Parish – or even another part of our state."

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