Sunday, May 2, 2010

NOAA Closes Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Oil- Affected Portion of BP Disaster
~INCIDIDENT COMMAND~ NOAA is restricting fishing for a minimum of ten days in federal waters most affected by the BP oil spill, largely between Louisiana state waters at the mouth of the Mississippi River to waters off Florida’s Pensacola Bay. The closure is effective immediately. Fishermen who wish to contact BP about a claim should call (800) 440-0858.
~Editilla Notellas~This INCIDENT COMMAND SITE is full of Many Bullshit Links that Do Not Provide Real Time Info as if it is a PR Gimmick to give the impression of timely updates.
NOAA said fishers who wish to put in a claim for damages should contact BP, the rig owner, at 800.440.0858.

Katrina Natural Disaster Didn't Work So Now BP Exec Tries Apollo 13 Movie Spin!
~Editilla Gotta Axe~ How'z that Drill Baby Drill Thingy workin'out for'ya?

Slicked and Slabbed – “big oil” follows “big insurance” and delivers another blow to Coast economy

Built to Spill
~Pitsburg Alpha to Omega

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