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Parish plots to keep oil out
~Amy Wold

Oil booms that were placed in preparation of the looming oil spill from last week's collapse and spill of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig float along the shoreline Saturday, May 1, 2010, along the South Pass, south of Venice, Louisiana. Photo: Eric Gay/AP
~The parish’s plan is to pre-stage booms on movable platforms at 11 locations on both sides of the Mississippi River. At each staging location there would be a number of boats that could quickly deploy the booms if heavy oil starts to head in that direction, Nungesser said. The booms would be deployed between marsh sections, which would act as additional booms, he said. The plan would mean some cleanup would have to be done, but it could keep oil out of interior marshes where it would be almost impossible to clean up, Nungesser said.
~At a news conference Saturday, Jindal again said he is concerned whether BP has the ability to respond to the disaster. And he added that he no longer plans to wait for BP or the federal government to protect the state. “We are past the point of waiting for cleanup plans from BP and the incident commander,” he said, referring to the U.S. Coast Guard.
Instead, the state is creating its own response plans, Jindal said, and he wants the Coast Guard to approve the plans and BP to agree to pay for them. Jindal said he wanted to “be very clear” on what’s at stake for the state.
“This oil spill threatens our way of life,”
he said.
"Close the Well Head Doors, HAL."
"I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

(No word yet on whether the state will Seize All BP's Assets --down to the toilet paper in every gas station.)

Rep. Gene Taylor says BP Oil Disaster is not Armageddon, passes on Bhopal and Chernobyl

BP Oil Spill slows its advance towards the coast ~Wunderblog
The oil slick from the April 20 explosion and blowout of the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon continues to affect the Louisiana coast near the mouth of the Mississippi River, and along the Chandelier Islands off the coast of Mississippi. Strong south to southeast winds blowing at 15 - 25 knots will continue through Monday, which will push oil onto portions of the eastern Louisiana coast from the mouth of the Mississippi River northwards towards the Mississippi border. Click to enlarge, courtesy: Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.
NOAA Mississippi Canyon 252 Estimate:
6:00am CDT, Sunday 5/02/10
Date Prepared: 4:00pm CDT, Saturday 5/01/10
This forecast is based on the NWS spot forecast from Saturday, May 1 AM. Currents were obtained from the NOAA Gulf of Mexico model, TexasA&M/TGLO, and NAVO models.
Strong SE winds of 20-25 kts are expected to continue through Saturday night.
Beginning Sunday, winds are forecast to be more southerly and decrease to 15-20 kts by Sunday night. These winds will continue to bring oil towards the shoreline along the Mississippi River Delta, Breton Island, and the Chandelier Islands.
Winds on Monday are expected to be from the SW becoming NW by Monday night.

How You Can Volunteer to Clean Up the BP Oil Spill Disaster
~Volunteers interested in oil spill cleanup efforts urged to get training.

BP Oil Spill balloons, could move east~The massive Oil Man River, spewing from a ruptured well, kept growing today, and experts warned that an uncontrolled gusher could create a nightmare scenario if the Gulf Stream carries it toward the Atlantic.

BP Oils Disaster brings wave of terror to southeast Louisiana outdoorsmen~Bob Marshal

Obama coming, Jindal critical, oil response hampered~WWL

Obama allows campaign team to spin his administration's Fey'lo Response to BP Oil Disaster
Hey Look Everybody! Barry funnier than The Tar Baby!
Whew! For a moment there we thought the His'O'ner had his hand on the greatest man-made disaster in history. Alas instead, we see he has the sense of humor of a trained monkey with its cup out.
Oh Snap! You can actually hear the President cuss like a VP!
We gotta get this guy for our next Hurricane Party starting June!

Isn't he just tooo funny? I can't stand it! HA! HA! HA!
He just handed the Republicans their next Presidency as they plaster every joke he told last night all over the face of this Disaster. Way to go Barry. Joking with the Press is so important.
Such Wit! And this after a grueling day working on his State of the Nation Weekly Radio Address. I mean, His'O'ner must have had to work Pretty Goddamn Hard To Write A Speech That Ignores The Greatest Man-Made Disaster In History. Right? ...Right???
We were all waiting to hear from the Commander In Chief about this latest terror threat to our shores, and he decided to channel his Idea of Hope on Campaign Reform? Right, said Br'er Rabbit.
Now I'm beginning to wonder myself about the President's Birth, but more to the question: On Which Planet Was He Born?
Was Obama indeed Born? Or, if as I you follow Vegas Odds On, is he created from the Chemistry Set of one Zippy the Pinhead?
Thanks Mr President. Hope you can stay more than a couple of hours this visit... maybe even actually look at our coasts.
Do drop by Leah Chase's again, get you some Seafood Gumbo!
Toll'em Editilla sent'ya!
We're know we shouldn't pick on His'O'ner since he really is da'busiest man on the Bailout Line, and besides, we know He Got People working the problem:
"There is reason now to know more than we knew originally...." ~Janet Napolitano, Head of Homeland Security --yesterday.
Ahem! Yes, well, uuuhhmm...what?
Houston, we have a problem.
We really really really don't need this bullshit right now.

Louisiana governor: "We are seeing sheens" of oil hit coast. Coast Guard 'Incident' Head Thad Allen says a stupid thing, "We don't know how many days the discharge will continue."
~Unified Command circles for group hug.
U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen speaks with local,
state and federal members participating in the BP Oil Disaster response at the Unified Command here, during an 'all-hands', Saturday, May 1, 2010.
While Admiral Allen attempts to Wipe & Cover Their Ass,
BP's chairman is rejecting criticism that his company's safety record played a role in the drilling rig explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Lamar McKay is putting the blame on "a failed piece of equipment." He tells ABC's "This Week" that he doesn't know how much oil is flowing from the well off the Louisiana coast. He says that estimates of 5,000 barrels a day are uncertain. McKay says he can't say when the well might be closed.
But he says he believes a special magic invisibility dome that could be placed over the well is expected to be deployed in six to eight days. Look for him to Lie even more on CBS.

BP, Transocean Lawsuits Surge as Oil Spill Spreads in Gulf
~BP Plc and Transocean Ltd. face at least 36 lawsuits, including group cases with potentially thousands of plaintiffs, over environmental damage and personal injuries caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At least 31 proposed class-action suits have been filed in courthouses from Texas to Florida. Commercial fishermen, shrimpers, charter-boat operators and beachfront-property owners asked to represent anyone whose livelihood depends on coastal waters imperiled by the drifting oil. At least 24 cases were filed yesterday. BP has the primary liability for damage caused by the spill, said Keith Hall, an attorney in New Orleans, who isn’t involved in the litigation. He cited a U.S. law passed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill at Alaska in 1989.

We interrupt this interruption of our regularly scheduled disaster blogging to report that levees have failed above Memphis
~Photo of the flood waters at Millington Naval Air Station
This unusual deluge of rain, over 13 inches since this morning, has caused areas of the county to flood, washing out roads, bridges, levees and stranding citizens in the homes.
With more Thunderstorms in the forecasts tonight, Memphis and Shelby County remain under a State of Emergency.
~SLABBED sadly interrupts the Editilla’s “interruption of the interruption of regularly scheduled disaster blogging” to report At Least 3 Dead In Severe Weather In Mississippi.

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